Horion Interactive Flat Panel Has Won Shenzhen Standard Certification

2022-01-14 17:12:57

Create a benchmark by quality and improve the product power by standards. Recently, Horion Interactive Flat Panel has won "Shenzhen Standard Certification". From "Shenzhen Premium Product", "Level AAAA Reliable Product" to "Shenzhen Standard Certification" product, Horion which is engaged in making interactive flat panel has its product strength been recognized successively.

Shenzhen Standard Certification represents premium quality

Shenzhen Standard Certification is a premium quality certification system that is approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), promoted by Shenzhen Administration for Market Regulation, takes the benchmark of "leading domestic and internationally renowned". Shenzhen standard represents the leading level in China. Only high standard, high quality products can meet the Shenzhen Standard.

The success of the certification is based on a great leap of quality

What behind the product certification is Horion's flawless quality support over the years. Relying on the ten-billion scale supply chain and powerful manufacturing experience of parent company KTC, Horion has established a complete production system and international quality inspection system, enabling all products to be independently researched & developed, and produced. It is precisely such steady, professional quality management and operation mode that provides the product quality with more guarantees. 

High-quality from

Horion Super Intelligent Factory

Production and quality inspection are the key parts to ensure product quality. Adopting a flexible intelligent manufacturing mode of human-machine-network 3-in-1 integration cooperation, Horion intelligent factory not only has the mature and reliable R&D and manufacturing system of commercial display products, including backlit material production lines, liquid crystal module production lines, mainboard production lines, finished product assembly lines, but also creates multiple world-class large-scale optical, acoustic, high & low temperature, collision, electronic and electrical labs, etc. Each interactive flat panel comes from an international standard production workshop and has passed 369 world-class standard tests.

Horion treats the market with its most sincere commitment of guaranteeing high-quality for each interactive flat panel by manufacturing the best quality products with the most stringent standards, paying attention to every section, and always adhere to the pursuit of excellent quality.