Forecast of Market Scale Prospect of Global IFP Industry in 2022

2022-02-24 15:25:36

Core data of this article: Development history, market scale, competition situation, prospect forecast

1. The interactive flat panel industry enters a period of rapid development

Internationally, interactive flat panels are classified as interactive whiteboards (“IWBs”). IWBs do not have a long history and are still not quite popular around the world. The world’s first IWB was designed and manufactured for offices, developed by PARC around 1990; it was used for group meetings and round-table conferences.

Chart 1: Development History of Global Interactive Flat Panel Industry

The unexpected pandemic occurring in 2020 has pushed telecommuting to the forefront while greatly influencing the operation of enterprises. Nowadays, telecommuting gradually becomes a worldwide trend, and a number of products have been launched.

2. The market scale exceeds RMB 25 billion

At the beginning of 2020, various company activities, such as international seminars, trade exhibitions, product release conferences and investor introductions, were canceled under the influence of COVID-19. Therefore, enterprises and organizations sought video communication solutions like Zoom and Teams to carry out such activities; as a result, video conferencing was in great demand all over the world. As reported in Wired UK, active users of Zoom increased by 2.22 million every month in 2020. Enterprises like Cisco, Microsoft, Google and MediaPlatform focused on offering consumers video conferencing technologies of higher quality.

According to data from Frost&Sullivan, the global video conferencing market scale in 2019 is USD 9.1 billion, and that in 2020 is USD 9.9 billion.

Note: Interactive flat panels are unique to China, the name of which is initially proposed by CVTE, and there is no corresponding term in English. Therefore, the global market is analyzed mainly based on video conferencing. (Interactive flat panel is the main carrier of video conferencing)

In 2020, China’s video conferencing market scale is RMB 16.2 billion, accounting for 23.7% of the global video conferencing market scale. Calculated at the ratio of 1:0.237 (ratio of the global interactive flat panel market scale to China’s interactive flat panel market scale), the global interactive flat panel market scale in 2020 is RMB 25.6 billion.

Chart 3: Global Interactive Flat Panel Market Scale during 2017-2020 (Unit: Hundred Million Yuan)

Data Source: Organized by Forward Industry Research Institute   

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3. Market competitors emerge in large numbers

At present, key participants in the global interactive flat panel industry include Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Boxlight, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.

Data Source: Organized by Forward Industry Research Institute

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4. The market scale will grow continuously

During 2021-2027, the global interactive flat panel market scale will keep growing, and is expected to reach RMB 58.4 billion by 2027; the compound annual growth rate is 10.4%. Main driving factors include the long-term coexistence of the pandemic with human beings which will push the development of online office market, and the application and popularization of 5G, cloud computing and other technologies which will provide a technological basis for multi-party video conferencing.

Chart 5: Forecast of Global Interactive Flat Panel Market Scale during 2021-2027 (Unit: Hundred Million Yuan)

Data Source: Organized by Forward Industry Research Institute

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The application of interactive flat panels greatly relies on the local communication infrastructure and digital technologies. In the Asia-Pacific region, due to the rapid development of communication systems and data technologies, it is estimated that the demand of this region for interactive flat panels will keep increasing at a high rate. The content of video conferences often needs to be kept confidential, while interactive flat panels have to use universal interface and communication protocols with consideration to the connection compatibility of different platforms and devices, which increases the risk of network attack. Therefore, the communication security of interactive flat panels is a key issue that should be taken into account by manufacturers.

For the above data, the Analysis Report on Market Prospection and Investment Strategy Planning of China’s Interactive Flat Panel Industry is consulted. Also, the Forward Industry Research Institute provides industry big data, industry research, industry chain consultation, industry mapping, industry planning, park planning, industry investment attraction, IPO feasibility study, IPO business and technology writing, IPO working paper consultation and other solutions.