Horion Mode Grows an Increasingly Competitive Market!

2022-04-23 14:27:30

Nowadays, the Interactive Flat Panel market is proliferating. An increasing number of brands attracted by the massive potential of the market join the competitive industry to promote the related enterprises to constantly optimize their products, channels, and services at the entire chain of the operating system. So, the inherent advantages of the leading brands are increasingly apparent, which gives rise to a further enhanced Matthew effect on the whole market.

As one of the leading brands of the Interactive Flat Panel, Horion has its approach to facing the competitive market circumstances. The more complex the market, the more focused on products and services; the more intense the competition, the more important the comprehensive ability of agents should have. The cooperation between Horion and Meilian Yitong, a Beijing agent, witnesses a process of mutual choice, mutual trust, and mutual promotion.

Mr. Hu, the entrepreneur of Meilian Yitong, has made efforts to develop a new business of his own. He insists on cooperating with Horion after giving up his original business direction, he has the courage to accept new things and become adept at what he is not good at, adapting to the new era of rapid change.

What is your opinion on the current market?

"The competition in the current market is not only limited to the Interactive Flat Panel."

As the role contacting the customers directly, an agent has more accurate insight into their needs. "When we contact our customers, we understand that they value the application — overall application of the meeting room. The customers want to implement everything in the meeting room with our panel, which requires us to coordinate everything. For example, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is the latest case we have implemented. They need to invite teachers to give lectures and provide mental health counseling in the psychological activity room. Based on such a requirement, we have made a live broadcast system coming with the large screen of Horion Interactive Flat Panel for them. It works well."

Demand is the core driving force, which is also a key step of the change from products to scenarios by Horion. Start with integrating online and offline scenarios to develop intelligent meeting solutions combined with "software and hardware". We hope to tell our users that Horion can not only provide Smart Interactive Flat Panel devices, but also supply a complete set of full-scene solutions.

How to make the breakthrough?

"Accuracy is more important than speed."

"Big brands will mainly focus on cities like Beijing, which is more competitive." In order to expand the market, Mr. Hu is not limited to the conventional route, and actively explores cross-border cooperation. Mr. Hu and his team respond to the trend that now enterprises pay great attention to investing in office furniture and office space design: "In this month, we visited all office furniture sellers in Beijing." Cooperating with the office furniture industry provides new ideas for jointly promoting the office environment.

Cross-border exploration of a new way for marketing just aligns with the idea of ecological integration for Horion products. Apart from rapid iteration, Horion products also fully cooperate with software partners' ecological systems to smoothly adapt to Tencent Meeting, Huawei Cloud Meeting, DingTalk to provide more rich applications and enable the open ecological system to go up a notch.

How to build channels?

"Do not compete with our dealers."

The logic of a brand to agency and distribution should be the multiplying force of cohesion and join force rather than a zero-sum game. This is reflected in the handling style of Mr. Hu, the agent of Horion Beijing. "In addition to the service fee, we won't earn any price difference from our contracted dealers. We only provide project maintenance for our dealers and do not compete with them." When some brands are fond of price wars to disturb the market order, the Horion's operating mode is a wisp of fresh air.

Only integrity operation and win-win cooperation business model can maintain long-term development. This business idea helps Horion become the choice of many governments, enterprises, and public institutions. More and more organizations adopt Horion Smart Interactive Flat Panel, such as Tsinghua University, National Defense University, State Grid Corporation of China, China Seismological Bureau, China Railway, Academy of Military Sciences, China Tower, China Communications Construction Group, China Railway Construction Corporation, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, PLA General Hospital, Xinhua News Agency, China Electronics Corporation, Dazhai Cadre College, Party School of ICBC Headquarter and Embassy of Nepal.

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