Horion is Diving into Global Smart Preschool Education Area!

2022-04-24 15:18:57

With the rapid development of Horion Large Smart Interactive Flat Panel, its application scenario scope is more than office, extending to education. Although large smart interactive flat panels have not been widely used in Australian kindergartens, Horion, a corporate champion in making intelligent electronic products, has quickly perceived and captured the opportunity that put it in the spotlight at the recent ACA Conference.

(Grand Debut of Horion Large Smart Interactive Flat Panel at ACA Conference)

(Exhibition Booth of Horion)

Horion Large Smart Interactive Flat Panel adopts a 4K original commercial screen that can enable kids to be more immersive in the learning atmosphere at kindergartens with its high-resolution and vivid image. The screen with the hardness of Mohs grade 7 can perfectly defend the impact and pressure from naughty kids. The optimized anti-glare and blue ray filter features of the screen can effectively protect the eyesight of each kid. In addition, features of smooth whiteboard writing and convenient screen mirroring along with the compatibility with multiple instructional software improve the enjoyment and participation of teaching even more. Though large smart interactive flat panels have not been popular in Australian kindergartens and many teachers and students see and experience them for the first time, Horion Smart Interactive Flat Panels have received unanimous praise for their powerful hardware and software advantages.

(Horion Enjoyed Great Popularity at ACA Conference)

(Showcase of Horion Products at ACA Conference)

In a growing global education trend, the large smart interactive flat panel will play an indispensable role as one kind of device promoting smart teaching. In the meantime, Horion also actively complies with the trend by constantly upgrading and optimizing products to bring forth the new. Horion Large Smart Interactive Flat Panel is believed to eventually make brilliant achievements in the education field in the future!