Telecommuting: All You Need to Know

2022-05-19 15:21:46

Digitalization is the mainstream nowadays especially during the pandemic which increases the demands of remote communication and collaboration among enterprises rapidly.   

Remote communication, for one thing, is for transferring information including knowing the progress of work and project in different places. For another, it is becoming a new focus of enterprises regarding how to strengthen the cooperative capability of employees, explore possible solutions to reach a consensus and improve productivity.


Smart Whiteboard, Remote Collaborative Writing

In a traditional conference, we can discuss with each other and take a brainstorm anytime when we encounter a problem. So how can we work as efficiently as face-to-face in the case of remote meetings?

Horion smart Interactive Flat Panel provides a new pattern of meeting regardless of the time and space.

Turn on the Whiteboard on the interface of Horion Interactive Flat Panel and click on Collaboration-Create a Meeting, then others can join the meeting from different places and realize "face-to-face" writing communication.


For example, in a remote cloud meeting involved Shanghai and Shenzhen, Shanghai team use whiteboard to explain a new project. Shenzhen team can not only hear and see the presentation by Shanghai team, but also collaborate with them and propose comments on the whiteboard simultaneously. The content on the screen can be displayed simultaneously on both sides, just like sitting in the same meeting room, which greatly improves communication efficiency.


Whiteboard Function, More than Writing

It is very common to use Powerpoint to make a presentation in ordinary meetings. In traditional meetings, a speaker can only make speech according to the contents of Powerpoint.

Yet now, the speaker can make presentation as well as drawing the key points through Horion Interactive Flat Panel.

Turn on the annotation function, you can draw or write on any interface, and circle the key points of Powerpoint to make annotations on each page. Control the rhythm of the meeting by marking key points and writing notes. Besides, you can also insert annotations into whiteboard in the form of a picture, and then discuss with other conferees under the whiteboard.


The whiteboard function of Horion smart Interactive Flat Panel is so powerful that it can not only record the flash of inspiration, but also insert pictures, 4K videos, smart forms, flowcharts, mind maps, etc. to make logic clearer and expression more intuitive.


Scan the QR code to save all meeting content

The contents of meeting will be presented on the Interactive Flat Panel after the meeting. Click Save button and you can save the meeting contents as different types, such as PDF, picture, meeting summary, e-mail or cloud disk.   

In addition, the presenter just needs to click on Generate a QR code which can be scanned with phones by conferees, then all the meeting contents will be save without any omissions. The saved whiteboard files can be edited directly in the next meeting review.


In the normalized circumstance of the pandemic, Horion Interactive Flat Panel makes remote collaboration more efficient and convenient, helping enterprises deal with internal and external communications easily.