Ticino Management | The White board 5.0: the intelligent interactive screen

2022-05-20 16:01:53

In April 2022, the magazine Ticino Management published an article named The White board 5.0: the intelligent interactive screen contributed by Susanna Cattaneo, who introduces Horion and it’s parent company KTC in many aspects sticking to the development of Chinese manufacturing.The author mainly focuses on three parts about KTC and Horion to expand.


Ticino Management is a Swiss magazine established in 1988, which aims at  promoting the Ticino economy, and more generally the Swiss economy. As a monthly on economics, finance and culture, Ticino Management has over time become a means of information much appreciated by economic operators in the insubric area.

The author mainly focuses on three parts about KTC and Horion to expand. Firstly, Susanna narrates the linkage between  Horion and Switzerland. Horion has started to collaborate with a Swiss distributor to sell interactive flat panels since 2020. As we know, Swiss products are known for superior quality and strict standards. That Horion is able to enter the Swiss market fully shows the product value and market confidence, not only for how exquisite the workmanship is and how stylish the design is, but also for the outstanding after-sales service.

After that, the author tells A Quality Lesson about how China transforms to aim for quality by focusing on robotics and high innovation to update its manufacturing capabilities and compete with the global Tech Valley rather than only focusing on the competition on quantity. Moreover, the author indicates the rapid development of KTC in the flat display industry in the past 27 years. Especially how it takes the advantage of the Greater Bay Area, which it’s based in.


(KTC R&D headquarter)

( KTC Production Base)

Last but not least, the author introduces the most innovative product by Horion, the intelligent interactive screens, which are highly appreciated by international business customers from a wide range of sectors. Furthermore, the author mentions another innovative product which is a smart Android-based mirror equivalent to an interactive smart display, combining the Android operating system and medical fashion. We can see unlimited possibilities.

(KTC dust-free Workshop)

As far as we are concerned, Horion is committed to creating better products and expanding overseas markets. In the mean time, our company attracts and supports young and talented people. We will keep an innovative attitude to meet the challenges and grab the opportunities in the future.