Horion was Invited to Attend Indonesia Brand Development Conference

2022-06-23 11:18:06

The government of Indonesia is deeply concerned about how to help various enterprises seize the opportunities to address challenges and realize sustainable development under the adverse influences of the pandemic and such an international environment. Recently, the government of Indonesia held the Brand Development Conference, assembling more than 100 representatives of local governments, experts, and enterprises to jointly discuss how to boost Indonesia's economic development and assist the enterprises in implementing digital transformation and upgrading in the new age.


As a leading corporate in the commercial monitor realm, Horion was invited to attend the conference and exhibit its newest model of M5A and M5APro on site, attracting the participants to watch and take photos. After the wonderful interpretation by Horion's staff, the government officials, experts, and scholars stepped forward to experience the product.

In the days of highly developed Internet and digital transformation, the brand merchants, such as Horion, which have a supply chain system, strong innovation capability, rich product lines, and high-quality products, occupy the market with their obvious advantages. Horion has hundreds of professional R&D engineers, bringing together the elite power of the flat panel display terminal industry. Adopting an advanced PDM system to implement collaborative development, its R&D level, and quality test capability are all at the forefront of the industry. 

In recent years, Horion has provided the whole scenario of intelligent construction for over 200 entities, including Indonesia Customs. Next, Horion will take the conference as an opportunity to continue to provide premium products and services for Indonesian users and assist the Indonesian government in creating a peak in sci-tech innovation.