Horion Participated in 28th Indocomtech

2022-06-29 15:58:32

In the recent days, the 28th Indocomtech was held in Jakarta International Expo, with an exhibition area of 25,000, visitors exceeding 20,000, and the exhibitors & brands being ca. 500. In addition to the most authoritative and largest IT professional exhibition in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, Indocomtech is also a major platform assembling communication and consumer electronics manufacturers and traders from all over the world to showcase new products and new technologies.

According to the data, IT and peripheral industries of Indonesia are on the way of a development soar, enabling IT and peripheral products to have become "daily necessities"generally accepted by the market rather than the ever "luxury goods". As a popular consumer electronics exhibition for the exhibitors and purchasers, Indocomtech is well received in Indonesia and its neighboring countries & regions. Moreover, it has attracted famous enterprises from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, including Horion.

Upon their debut in Indonesia, the Smart Interactive Flat Panels of brand-new models of M5A and M5Apro produced by Horion received a lot of media's attention with their simple & generous appearance and intelligent & efficient experience that have won the recognition and trust of users. Horion became the preference for the purchasers on site with its high quality products and considerate services.

Indocomtech is an important channel for Horion to showcase products, exchange technologies, and develop markets. Therefore, we are very glad to have in-depth contact with dealers, purchasers, and end users through the exhibition. In the future, Horion will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Indonesian government and enterprises, so that more users can experience the fun of intelligent office.