Horion, Let Chinese intelligent brands shine on the world stage

2022-11-21 15:47:22

In 2022, is the year for Horion to upgrade its strategy from global market layout to global brand layout.

In order to improve the global brand awareness, Horion takes the advantage of a large-scale brand debut and promotion, Bringing innovation and Smart office solutions to global customers, which makes it recognized by more and more overseas customers.

Review the Horion highlight in 2022 on international stage

InfoComm Southeast Asia, Bangkok

Audio-visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition

At the largest and most professional audio-visual integrated equipment and technology exhibition in Thailand.

IME Pay CAN Info-Tech, Nepal

Nepal Electronics Exhibition 

At Nepal's largest computer system integration industry exhibition

IndoComtech, Indonesia

The 28th Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Indonesia

At the largest and most authoritative consumptive electronics communication exhibition in Southeast Asia.

Yogya Komtek, Indonesia

The Yogyakarta Expo in Indonesia

At the Indonesia International Exhibition

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), Hong Kong

Hong Kong fall Electronics Show

At the world's largest pageant in Asia and the second largest pageant in the world.



Dubai International Electronics Show

At one of the world's most influential technology exhibition

GESS Dubai, Dubai

Dubai International Education Fair

At the most authoritative educational product exhibition in the Middle East.


EduTECH, Singapore

Singapore Educational Equipment Exhibition

At the largest and most professional education and technology exhibition in Singapore.

Not just shining on the world stage

Horion has also become the preferred choice of conference office for global customers

The key international accounts who are using the Horion display are as followed

From the world-renowned car brand——Mercedes Benz

To the New Zealand dairy giant——Fonterra

International giants have achieved a more efficient and flexible new working mode through Horion interactive display.

Meanwhile, Horion has stepped into Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Nepal TV station, Indonesia customs and so on.

With the excellent product functions, Horion meets the needs of various application scenarios and wins the favor of global customers.

From the domestic market to the international market, while enhancing the brand awareness, Horion takes the product as the core, practices UE(user experience) as the king, Empowers the digital office, which makes Chinese intelligent manufacturing brands run out of the global acceleration.