Horion Smart Lectern

2024-03-10 16:21:24

Horion Smart Lectern

Move Freely Lift Intelligently Suitable for Multi-occasion

Technological and Simple

Demonstrate a High-end Image

Continuing the minimalist design of Horion's technological aesthetics design, the size and angle are ergonomic. Simple 

but extraordinary, keeping on refreshing the senses.

Minimalist design


Highly Integrated

No Need to Bring a Computer for Presentations

Integrated computer, dual microphone, 27-inch 6Tops high-computing power touch screen in one. Simple business 

style, no need to prepare a manuscript, carry a computer while making speeches, reporting, teaching

Entire Image of Horion Smart Lectern

·27-inch Capacitive Touch Screen

·Dual Gooseneck Microphones

·Writing Pen

·Receptacle for Books

·Intelligent Lifting Column

·Foldable Tray (for teacups/mobile phones, etc.)

·Mobile Casters

·Power Switch

·Microphone on Mute

·Elevation Control

·Connector 1

·Connector 2

*Connector 1: USB3.0x2, HDMI Inx1,Type-Cx1

*Connector 2: HDMI Outx1,Type-Cx1,LANx1

4K High-quality Industrial-grade Touch Screen

Excellent Texture,Makes You Feel as if You Were Personally on the Scene

The awesome 27-inch large screen brings a immersive view. Every detail is exquisite and outstanding that restores 

the visual experience of our eyes in real and shows us every wonderful speech.

·27-inch Large Screen

The screen is large enough to see clearly. Don't have to get too close to check the manuscripts.

·4K Resolution Rate

Fine text/detail annotations are clear. No need to zoom in.

·Full Lamination Process

Zero clearance, zero air, zero dust, excellent writing as well as display

·4K HDR(High Data Rate)

Clear details and fine colors

·Non-4K HDR(High Data Rate)

Fuzzy, loss of details

* 4K resolution rate: when the screen resolution rate reaches 3840*2160, image delicacy will be significantly improved.

* Zero-lamination process: When the distance between the tempered glass and the screen is 0, it can effectively prevent light reflection, 

providing us with excellent display effect and writing experience.

Work Efficiently

Outstanding Conference Tool

No Mouse Required

Easily Point Out on Any Occasions

27-inch touch screen, fast and accurate touch control, just need one gently point. PPT will be easily turned page.
The large screen can be synchronized while using writing pen and key annotations function.

·Sharp Handwriting

1mm precision rate丨Widths and colors are available.

·Zoom in and out

One point to write丨Tow points to zoom in and out丨Back of hand touch to erase

·Intelligent Whiteboard

Insert Image丨Insert Video丨Smart Search

·Scan Code to Save

Save to local folder丨Scan to take away丨Store in the cloud

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Wireless Mirror Screen

Present Fantastic View in Real Time

Horion smart lectern and projector, conference display, small pitch LED and other venue screen can easily interacted with 

at the same time. Through the Horion wireless screen mirroring devices, multi screens can be displayed simultaneously 

and wonderful content can be presented in real time.


Small screen turns large in seconds

·Synchronization of Sound and Image

No lag ,zero delay

·True 4K Image Quality

Clarity without loss

*Synchronized display of the smart lectern to the large screen (output contents include various media information and real-time operation 


*One plug-and-play, one click audio and picture synchronization, simultaneous image is stable and lag-free.

Scan Code to Transfer Documents

One Click to transfer Presentation Contents

There is no need to bring a USB flash drive for speech reports. Pictures, videos, documents, etc. from the mobile phone 

can be uploaded by scanning the QR code, making sharing and presentation faster.

No need to print your speech

One-click quick transfer

No USB flash drive required

Fast and convenient

Scan the QR code on the smart lectern to share any pictures, videos and documents on your phone.

Ergonomic Design

One Click Lifting and Flexible Adjustment

Ergonomic design, the column can be flexibly adjusted to the required height, suitable for people of different heights, 

with a 20°golden tilt angle of the touch screen, bringing a comfortable viewing and operating experience.

·1.1m-1.3m Adjustable Height

Height can be adjusted.

·20 Degrees

Golden Tilt Angle

*Minimum height: 1130mm, maximum height: 1326mm, lifting range: about 20cm

*The columns are inclined ten degrees inward from the vertical.

Powerful Capability

Professional Performance

High-energy Inner Core ,For every highlight

Equipped with the flagship octa-core processor, excellent graphics performance and 6Tops high computing power 

support, it can continue to output strong power, start up software , read the data,to open a highly efficient and smooth 

experience at any time .

Equipped with a Flagship Octa-core Processor

With Graphics Performance Support,Smooth Experience Has Been Highly Enhanced Again

Horion OS System

Rich Applications for Easy Interaction

Based on Horion ecology, it has the same rich applications as Horion conference IFPD , conference TV, LED conference 

all-in-one machine, etc. to meet the needs of multi-scene use.

·Whiteboard Collaboration

·Office Software

·WPS Office

·Wireless Mirror Screen

·Cloud Screen Exchange

·Welcome Page

·Agenda Timer


·Voting Apparatus ( icons, etc)

Metal Minimalist Body

Beauty and Quality in One

Minimalist design, premium texture,the metal body is processed by a sandblasting oxidation process to make it look 

better and more durable.

Application Scenarios

All-around Assistant for Multi-scene

Horion smart lectern can be flexibly moved to any place, without cumbersome wiring. Highlight itself anytime,anywhere.

Any large screen device with an HDMI input port can be connected to smart lectern via an HDMI wire and used as a display device.

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