Flagship tecSmart HDSmart HD

Horion HC-5M Camera

Excellent performance, fully present details

So amazing picture quality

Adopt 1/2.8" high-quality CMOS sensor, supporting 4K UHD, with real and fine picture quality, outstanding optical accuracy, and vivid image effects.

Auto framing

Capture all people in the frame, regardless of their number

UHD facing recognition technology can perform zooming the focal distance intelligently, adjusting the whole picture and angle automatically, and centering figures without manual adjustment according to the number of people at meeting.

It is a voice-controlled camera

Built-in omnidirectional MIC pick-ups with the unique noise suppression algorithm enable you to perfectly present your voice, with a valid pick-up distance of 6m to allow your voice to be clearly heard regardless of a certain distance.

10× optical zooming

Clear framing can be realized regardless of a certain distance

Built-in EPTZ supports 10× zooming, with the details still clear enough regardless of repeatedly zooming in.

100° distortionless wide-angle lens

The best choice for excellent video collaboration

With the shooting scope extended to a wide angle of 100°, each pixel has been rigorously calibrated to implement full scenarios, HD, and distortionless.

Driverless USB

Plug & Play

Standard USB 3.0, connecting with one cable, automatically identification at the terminal without tedious installation, plug & play, for the efficient meeting.

Compatible with various devices and adapt to multiple scenarios

Compatible with live show and video conference

Compatible with most video conference software such as Tencent Meeting, Ding Talk, and SmartRooms and applicable to multiple application scenarios such as interactive flat panels, TVs, monitors, laptops, and tripods.

With tripod
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Place on the desk
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Wall-mounted screen
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Flexible deployment

Convenient in every usage

Fix it anywhere you want with the foldable stand. Place it top to start a meeting now.