Horion HP-3S Smart Pen

A versatile pen

Write fluently with one pen丨Flip pages quickly with one key丨 Bring up a whiteboard by touching


Simplest 3+1 keys
Powerful 6 in 1 function

The Horion Smart pen integrates functions of a writing pen, a page-flipping pen, a spotlight, a wireless mouse, and voice recognition, with all of them operated with one key, to finish demonstration and writing without any interruption.

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Smart flying mouse

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Bringing up a whiteboard

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Voice controlling

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Page flipping and indexing

The 3-key
combination is easy to use

With magnet design it can be connected by attaching

Patented product value both appearance and quality

Handsome dark gun color, sandblasting oxidation technology, elegant and straightforward appearance have been patented nationwide. The size and the shape of the pen are carefully tailored based on the users' habit of pen holding to provide a comfortable holding feeling.

Patent number:CN305766508S

Write fluently
Fondle it admiringly once use it

Hemispherical nano pen point, acute tilt angle, capable of simulating natural handwriting effect contribute to fluently writing and enable you to enjoy the natural writing experience.

Bring up the whiteboard
Only by touching

Only by touching

Put your Smart pen close to the NFC area of the interactive flat panel, touch it to enter the whiteboard interface, and touch it again to return to the previous interface. In this way, you can switch the interfaces between the whiteboard and the document presentation in the meeting at will.

One key for making annotations
Readily capture fleeting inspirations

Tap the top of the smart pen to start the annotation mode that enables you to annotate the contents of the PPT or the picture directly. Mark, underline key points, express logically, and make clearer thinking.

Spotlight mode Display key contents with an emphasis

Long press the top of the Smart pen to start the spotlight mode that enables you to display key contents to unify the thinking of all participants.

Remote control
The smart pen can be used as a mouse

Long press the fly mouse key to start the fly mouse function, then click to perform the left key function of the mouse. This function adopts an intelligent anti-shaking algorithm that provides precise indexing and moving operations to control the interactive flat panel remotely.

The mouse precision of 1000 dpiThe quick response of 10 ms

Remote page flipping
Be more unhurried when making a speech

Make quick PPT page up/down through up/down arrow key without any latency. Its remote controlling distance is about 15 meters, which satisfies the requirements of most meeting scenarios.

Apart from manual operation
Voice control is also done

Horion Smart pen supports voice control that enables your input by voice to be automatically recognized instead of writing a bunch of words, making efficient meetings.

Powerful endurance Endurance of 2-week is available on a single charge

The built-in high-performance lithium battery with durable service and high capacity keeps you stay in thinking without any interruption.


Quick charge of 1.5 hours


Endurance of 2 weeks


Continuous clicks of 10 hours

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