Professional Audio
- M6A Pro Digital Bulletin Board Brings Ultimate Visual Experience for Meetings

Horion leads with innovation, responding to the evolving office landscape. The M6APro flat panel board, a new benchmark in meeting technology, caters to every scenario with unparalleled excellence.

48MP Ultra HD Camera - High-End Configuration of M6A Pro IFP Panel

The Horion M6APro flat panel board features an upgraded 48MP camera, professionally calibrated and paired with an ultra-wide-angle lens. the M6A Pro IFP Panel manufactured by Horion smart board company delivers crystal-clear, ultra-high-definition video images, supporting intelligent framing and AI sound source localization for real-time remote communication.

Immersive Experience for Video Conferencing - Highlights of the M6A Pro Digital Bulletin Board

The Horion M6APro flat panel board elevates your video conferencing experience with its upgraded software and hardware capabilities, effortlessly meeting various video conferencing needs for efficient collaboration.

102° Wide-Angle - Capturing the Big Picture

Not only does M6A Pro IFP panel provide 4K clarity and an outstanding video experience, but its 102° distortion-free ultra-wide angle also covers large meeting scenes, realistically presenting the entire venue.

AI Sound Source Localization - Focus on What Matters

With AI-driven speaker tracking and facial recognition, the M6APro keeps the focus sharp, making remote discussions feel like face-to-face interactions.

Auto Framing - Adapting to Your Meeting Size

Auto Framing technology with ultra-high-definition facial detection intelligently zooms and adjusts the frame and angle based on the number of people in the meeting room.

12m Pickup Range
- Seamless Remote Collaboration, Best Smart Boards for Business

With an 8-array microphone, the M6APro flat panel board captures sound clearly up to 12m away with a 180° wide-angle pickup, perfect for medium to large meeting rooms.

8-Array Microphone Equipped in M6A Pro IFP Panel

Revolutionary design for broader sound capture, integrating top-positioned microphone array with a touch frame.

AI Noise Reduction

Stay focused on the conversation, not the background noise.

The M6APro effectively filters common meeting room noises for clearer sound pickup.

Echo-Free Dual Talk

Enjoy clear, full-duplex conversations, making every participant's voice heard and understood.

The M6A Pro from Horion smart board company ensures perfect audio quality for your clients and conference participants to interact with them.

Real-Time Audio Transmission

Low latency that makes you feel lilke on the spot. Enhanced real-time audio for a more immersive online meeting experience.

Horion M6A Pro - Compatible with Leading Video Conferencing Software

As best smart boards for business, M6A Pro IFP panels work seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. It starts meetings with a click, ensuring smooth, synchronized communication.

M6A Pro Digital Bulletin Board Offers A Feast for the Senses

The large-screen M6APro flat panel board provides stunning visuals and sound for a truly immersive meeting experience.

4K Ultra HD
- M6A Pro Digital Bulletin Board Makes Visual Perfection in Every Pixel

Experience the finest details with a 178° viewing angle and over 1.07 billion colors. Automatic brightness adjustment for optimal viewing comfort.

Stereo Sound System of the M6A Pro IFP Panel
- Clarity that Resonates

Superior image quality paired with a stereo sound system. Independent LF, MF and HF drivers, 20W*2 speakers, and a 20W subwoofer work in harmony, delivering wide, balanced and dynamic high-fidelity sound for an immersive audio-visual experience.

40W Speakers20W Subwoofer

Flagship Processor
- Speed in Every Action

Equipped with an 8-core flagship processor, the M6APro flat panel board boasts powerful performance. Effortlessly run 4K ultra-clear videos and large office software, ensuring smooth and responsive operations even during extended use.

Large Storage of the M6A Pro Digital Bulletin Board

Faster startups, quicker software launches, and speedy data access. With 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, it's all about a seamless, powerful experience.


Dual System (Optional)
- Switch with Ease

Out of the box with Android 13.0, and an optional Windows system provided when buying M6A Pro bulks from Horion. The plug-and-play design makes upgrades convenient, offering robust processing capabilities and easy loading of extensive files for a smooth and efficient office experience.

Dual Wi-Fi
- No More Meeting Hiccups

Using the latest Wi-Fi tech with duplexing dual-band support (2.4G and 5G), it is perfect for smooth video conferences and wireless screen sharing.

Wireless Mirroring Screen
- Cast Small Screen to Big Screen in Seconds

It supports rapid screen sharing from phones, tablets, and computers with one-click, facilitating discussions, presentation and file sharing. You can easily mirror images, videos, and documents from small screens to the large panel, catering to multiple viewers.

Quad ScreenSharing Speakers

It supports simultaneous screen sharing from four different devices on the same screen, enabling clear data comparison.

Two-Way Control Speakers

You can control both your device and the M6A Pro flat panel board at the same time after mirroring, making presentations more flexible.


One-click to use the M6A Pro IFP Panel camera and mic on your mobile device, easily capturing the view in the full meeting room.

Google Cast

In the same Wi-Fi network, you can cast your screen to the M6A Pro digital bulletin board with a simple click via Google Cast.

Precision Touch
- Instant Response to Every Touch

High-precision touch for fluid writing and instant display. Add tables, images, and more with ease. Scan to save or share - it's all intuitive.

Smart Recognition Speakers

Recognition of over 20 languages.

Zoom In and Out Speakers

Write with one finger, zoom with two, erase with the back of your hand.

Smart Charts Speakers

Insert tables | Shapes | Flowcharts

Scan to Take Away Speakers

Local save | QR code transfer | Google Drive

Portable Whiteboard Speakers

Take notes on the go.

Pick Up and Use Speakers

Grab the smart stylus pen to instantly access the IFP panel and annotation features.

M6A Pro Smart Pen
- Control at Your Fingertips

It's a pen, a page-turner, a spotlight, virtual gestures and more. You can control your presentation from afar with smart gestures and highlight key points with a click.

Page Up/Down Speakers

Remote PPT page-turning.

Smart Gestures Speakers

Precise pointing/moving.

One-Click Annotation Speakers

Circle and emphasize effortlessly.

Spotlight Speakers

Highlight/Enlarge key points.

NFC Speakers

Tap to bring up the whiteboard.

Innovative Features
- M6A Pro digital bulletin board Makes Meetings Efficient

Horion continuously innovates, bringing over 25 unique apps and 100+ features for easier meetings.

m6a pro flat panel board

Horion Sharing
- Effortless File Upload via QR Code

Scan a QR code with your phone to easily upload images, videos, and documents from your phone to the interactive flat panel, making sharing stable and quick.

m6a pro ifp panel

Meeting Management System
- Comprehensive Control of All Meeting Rooms

Device control, meeting management, and information broadcasting are combined. You can remotely turn devices on or off, send notifications, and broadcast messages, easily synchronizing all M6A Pro.

Remote IFP Panel Collaboration - Efficient Discussions from Afar

During remote meetings, Horion facilitates team collaboration with shared IFP panels, displaying smooth handwriting synchronously from different locations. It also supports shared PPTs, aiding in efficient discussions.

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Application Scenarios of M6A Pro Flat Panel Board

The Horion M6APro IFP panels excels in product design, information security, and performance configuration, meeting higher standards and professional scenarios, representing a new era of high-end meetings.

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