Single System Mode with M6TA Interactive Display Panel

In Basic Mode, M6TA operates as an interactive board panel without any pre-installed system, serving as a versatile tool. Simultaneously, users have the option to enhance security and privacy by adding an Android 12 or Windows 10 system module as needed.

m6ta smart interactive panels

Without OPS, it's an interactive monitor.

m6ta interactive display panel

With Android 12 OPS module, it's a flagship Andriod IFP.

m6ta interactive intelligent panel

With the Intel chipset inside OPS module,it's a compatible Windows IFP.


Ultra HD Display with M6TA Interactive Intelligent Panel - Every Detail in Sharp Focus.

4K UI paired with 4K high-resolution visuals, delivering ultra-clear details for a lifelike display. The entire M6TA device employs zero-gap technology with a mere 0.5mm distance between glass and screen, minimizing air refraction for enhanced display clarity.

Clear Vision & Seamless Connection of Smart Interactive Panels M6TA.

Experience top-tier video conferencing with a 48MP camera and an expansive 102° wide horizontal view on our interactive board panel. Compatible with various video conferencing platforms, it ensures a seamless and high-quality collaboration experience.


Dynamic Speaker Tracking of M6TA

Speaker Tracking on the M6TA ensures constant focus on every speaker providing a dynamic and responsive experience during meetings.


Auto-framing function of M6TA smart interactive panels in meetings intelligently adjusts the camera framing to ensure participants remain centered and visible enhancing the overall visual experience and engagement during collaborative sessions

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Sensational Audio, Crystal-Clear Communication

M6TA interactive board panel features a state-of-the-art tri-chamber speaker system, comprising 2 full-range speaker units and 1 high-frequency speaker unit, delivering an immersive, lifelike audio experience. With 8-array microphones, capable of picking up sound from a distance of 12 meters, and equipped with intelligent noise reduction algorithms, remote calls are crystal clear, ensuring a guaranteed audio quality.

Sensational Audio

Wirless Screen Mirroring - M6TA Elevates Viewing Experience

Wireless screen mirroring of 4 devices simultaneously. Supports Airplay / Miracast / One-click dongle (compatible with type-c port). Contents of PCs, tablets and mobile phones can be easily shared on Horion interactive intelligent panel.

Wirless Screen

More effective - Dual Wi-Fi 6 in M6TA

Pluggable WiFi module, Balance of security and connectivity. The transmission rate of WiFi 6 is up to 9.6Gbps. It supports both stable 2.4GHz and high-speed 5GHz, improving the screen mirroring efficiency.



Built-in NFC functionality seamlessly integrates with the smart pen, enabling instant access to the whiteboard. Horion M6TA interactive board panel supports NFC phone screen mirroring with a single touch (compatible with Huawei, Samsung, and other phones, with built-in screen mirroring software).


Start Brainstorming Now

One-touch activation of the whiteboard feature enables an instant and productive brainstorming session with your team. As best interactive flat panel for education, M6TA supports 20-point touch, allowing multiple users to write simultaneously. M6TA interactive intelligent panel enhances collaboration and make meetings efficient and enjoyable.

m6ta interactive intelligent panel

Safeguard Vision - M6TA's Magic

Experience visual comfort and protection with M6TA's cutting-edge anti-glare screen technology. Engineered to reduce glare and minimize eye strain, our screens create an optimal viewing environment.

m6ta interactive whiteboard companies

M6TA Application Scenarios

Front desk
Meeting room